At the very center of technology

We are at the core of business and technology.

The Technology Business Group is one of the most active professional clubs organizations on campus, with well over 600 members.

Regardless of your career path, a knowledge of technology is vital. Our activities—including workshops, panels, conferences, guest speakers, an annual Tech Trek to the west coast and more—explore the immediate issues of how technology has and will continue to change the way the world and business works. We also provide resources to equip you with the skills and knowledge to obtain and succeed in a career in tech.

Some notable events we have had this school year include:

  • Company visits to Spotify, Google, Facebook, IBM, and other industry leaders
  • Workshops for SQL and Product Management
  • Insider’s view from students at Amazon and Google
  • Networking sessions with alumni from Google and Slack among others

We have also partnered with several companies to host coffee chats and company information sessions, ranging from large tech companies such as Apple to small startups.