What is the Columbia Technology Business Group (TBG) anyways?

  • We help students who are interested in pursuing a career in the technology industry

What industries and functions are TBG members interested in?

  • Our members are interested in all sorts of industries and functions within the tech industry. The most common functions are product management, strategy, marketing, and finance roles, but many students also go into roles like procurement and supply chain management.

How can my company engage with TBG?

  • Coffee Chats
  • Office Visits
  • Case Competitions
  • Other Events such as panel discussions or conferences
  • Post a job on the CBS Job Board
  • Participate in On Campus Recruiting

Who can my company contact to set up an event or to learn more?

  • TBG’s Vice Presidents of Careers

Bel Gu (bgu19@gsb.columbia.edu)
Mayssa Haddad (mhaddad19@gsb.columbia.edu)

  • Katie Hudson – Associate Director of Business Development with Columbia’s Career Management Center

Katie Hudson
Associate Director, Business Development
Career Management Center
Columbia Business School
212-854-8687 (direct) | 212-854-5471 (main)