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HISTORIA: 2011-10-01
PISARZ: Neil Gaiman,Terry Pratchett
ISBN: 9780552159845


" />Armageddon only happens once, you know. They don't let you go around again until you get it right'People have been predicting the end of the world almost from its very beginning, so it's only natural to be sceptical when a new date is set for Judgement Day. But what if, for once, the predictions are right, and the apocalypse really is due to arrive next Saturday, just after tea? You could spend the time left drowning your sorrows, giving away all your possessions in preparation for the rapture, or laughing it off as (hopefully) just another hoax.Or you could just try to do something about it.

...y art my art crap cliopadra blabbers on big apology to all the christians for yet another blasphemous piece ... Category:Characters | Good Omens Wiki | Fandom ... . 7,784 notes. Reblog ... Good omens na - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz! More than 20,000 Christians have signed a petition calling for the cancellation of Good Omens, the television series adapted from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's 1990 fantasy novel ... Good Omens is a six-hour Amazon Prime Video comedy based upon the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman ... Good Omens - Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett - Książka ... ... ... Good Omens is a six-hour Amazon Prime Video comedy based upon the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It stars Michael Sheen as the angel, Aziraphale , and David Tennant as his demonic counterpart, Crowley . Characters. Crowley Aziraphale Beelzebub Gabriel Agnes Nutter Anathema Device Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell Cast. David Tennant Michael Sheen Anna Maxwell Martin Jon Hamm ... Good Omens Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site You're probably wondering what Aziraphale and Crowley have been up to since they, you know, saved the world. In honor of the 30th anniversary of Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett Books, Douglas Mackinnon, Michael Sheen and David Tennant wanted to give you a glimpse of what they've been discussing since! # GoodOmens30...